What do you do when you want to slow down?

I run.

I run because it requires discipline, training, and focus. It requires planning. It requires not procrastinating on everything else, so I can find the time to do it.

I run because, no matter how many issues I’m dealing with at the moment, once I hit the road, by the end of the first miles endorphins have kicked-off and all I feel is my pace, my breathing, my stepping, my heart rate, my body, my limitations.

I run because I can measure it. I can keep track of it. I can analyze it, compare it, optimize it.

I run because when I’m running, I don’t think. I don’t feel. I just run.

Plus I have a pretty damn slow pace, anyways. 🙂

Disconnect to connect

It is not easy to be a parent, have a full time job and keep up with a training schedule. But I know I could be doing better at it.

I am finally done with a big product release at work. My daughter has been attending kindergarten for 3 months, and my ‘runner-overuse-injury’ seems to have healed. It’s about time I take a look at my routine to see how I can improve in order to slow down and focus.

And I think I know exactly where to start: I spend too much time online.

I’m always checking my phone or computer. The only time I still try to keep it 100% offline is when I’m with my daughter. Other than that, I have to clear every notification, go through every email, reply to every single message right away. I have a zero inbox policy that applies to everything, but lately it’s been more of a distraction than a tool to keep me organized.

If I really want to be present and connected to the people and places around me, I have to learn how to disconnect. And that’s what I’ll do. Starting now, I’ll put myself under a ‘zero online tolerance policy’. Let’s see how that works.

Work and life (and exercising) balance

First day, first challenge: how to balance work, life, and exercising (if you have kid(s), you’ll understand why I’ve removed ‘exercising’ from ‘life’).

I could have left work at 5pm and gone to the yoga class I have booked the day before. That would mean arriving home just in time to catch my family finishing dinner; doing the dishes; kissing my little one good night; and getting back to work. I would have no time to relax or rest. No time to meditate or drink hot tea. No time to reply to personal emails.

Instead, I’ve decided to stay at work until 6pm. One extra hour gave me enough time to finish the tasks that really couldn’t wait until tomorrow. I made it home in time to have dinner with my family and spend time with my daughter. After she went to sleep, I was able to go through personal tasks and emails, and browse social media. Then I went back to my work computer (I keep 2 computers, one for work, one for personal use, hoping that I’ll never do work at home or check personal stuff at work, but that really never worked out, ha!). I did planks, meditated, drank tea and wrote this post.

And then I’ve read my favorite poem.

By trying to find the balance between work, life and exercising, I wasn’t able to accomplish any of the goals I have set for today: I didn’t finish my work to-do list, I didn’t go to a yoga class, I didn’t finish my personal to-do list. But I was able to prioritize what was more important from each one of these areas, get some rest, and not feel stressed about it. It wasn’t easy: the only thing I enjoy more than creating to-do lists is crossing items off them.

I guess that’s what balance is about?

PS: I still feel like I’m ‘crossing stuff off my list’ to make sure I’m living a slow life: meditate – check! Drink hot tea – check! Relax – check! Need to rethink that.

Hello world!

I’ve been postponing this for too long now.

Living a slow life should be different than procrastinating, so I’ve figured it’s about time I get the blog – and the project that originated the blog – started.

I want to slow down my life.

I want to be able to pause and breath.

I want to keep things simple.

I want to enjoy the moment.

I want to declutter.

I want to focus on what really matters.

I’m also a mother. I have a full time job. I’m addicted to buying. I’m trying to learn Physics. And I have planned to run a full marathon next year, with an Ironman in mind before I turn 40.

Well, nobody said it was going to be easy… And I think this is as simple as a first post can get.